Why we don't sell digital images

We are often asked why we don't sell digital images, and in the current climate that we live in we believe that the question is more than fair. Here, we will give you our reasons. 

The first reason - We believe that photographic art belongs on your walls not on your phones. Yes, this may sound a little simplistic but it is something we passionately believe in. Numerous studies show that having pictures of your children up in your house is good for their sense of belonging, self worth and confidence. And they look nice :)

Secondly, our phones have tiny screens - sometimes only 3 or 4 inches big. Our beautiful portrait art is made to be big! We have had customers buy 40 inch framed portraits and, we promise, they look amazing. An alternative to wall art is the folio box, this luxury, Italian hand made box is designed to keep your art work beautiful and safe. The folio box takes 10 or 20 matted images. When kept in the correct conditions (behind glass or in a box and away from direct light) our artwork will last over 100 years before it begins to fade - how amazing is that? Your great grandchildren will be able to hold amazing artwork of you and see what you are seeing. I bet the images on your iPhone won't be around in 100 years!

Thirdly, there is colour and screen quality. Look at an image on your phone. Then look on your partner's phone, your tablet, your computer, your laptop and your TV. The image will look different on every screen - even from one iPhone to the next. That is because each display is set up differently. From the 720p TV to the 4k ready TV, or the retina display iPad to the standard iPad - all different. We are in complete control of what your image will look like. Our screens are carefully callobrated so the printed artwork matches the artwork on our screen. We even go as far as profiling every different print medium we use - and we use a lot!

Fourthly, digital media is changing all the time. In the last 20 years or so we have seen digital mediums such as Betamax, VHS, Minidisc & Casettes come and go. It is getting harder to buy a laptop with a DVD drive. A new Macbook needs an adapter to use "older" type USB drives. We have stopped recording programmes as we use catch up services and streaming. We don't use as many hard drives, instead we upload to the cloud. File formats change and evolve. Vint Cerf, the Vice President of Google himself warns of us being the "forgotton generation" as "old computer files become bits of junk" as software is updated and old files become undreadable.

And finally - because we love printed work. We spend a lot of time hand retouching every single one of your images. We believe in quality over quantity - a single image that will be printed at 40 or 50 inches may take us 4-6 hours to edit. We want your artwork to be perfect. We want you to hang it on your walls and get as much pleasure from your printed images as we do from ours.