Wedding Photography Glasgow Offers Styles To Suit You

Wedding photography Glasgow need not just be done in one way. You may have the traditional image of wedding photographs in your head. However, technological and societal changes have seen other styles of wedding photography become extremely popular. Now there are numerous ways in which your wedding can be shot. In this article, we're going to go through a range of styles you could expect from a modern wedding photographer Scotland wide. This can vary from traditional, to contemporary, to arthouse and even to documentary styles.

Some Of The Styles To Expect From A Wedding Photographer Scotland Way

The great thing about modern wedding photography is that there aren’t just a couple of styles to choose from; there's even styles within styles and the ability for styles to crossover. So it's really quite possible to find a wedding photographer Scotland based who can truly capture what you want to see in your wedding photos. Firstly, there's the traditional photographic style that you'll see within a lot of wedding photography packages Glasgow and UK wide. This style – also known as conventional, classic or 'posed' – still remains popular despite the digital revolution. Generally, traditional was the only way to realistically shoot photography on film, but digital photography has allowed for affordable photography that removes the cost of film to the photographer. However, it is still possible to find photographers shooting in a traditional way on film. Traditional wedding photography doesn't allow for many candid or organic moments and may fail to capture the full scene of your wedding day, but it will allow for you to have amazing shots that will stand the test of time. However, if you want your set-up shots to have a more contemporary feel, then perhaps the modern wedding photograper Glasgow way is for you. This style is very inspired by editorial and creative fashion photography. It sees the creation of stand-out shots using interesting angles or unusual backdrops which are then given further polish within the post-production process.

Consider The Benefits Of Natural Wedding Photography Glasgow Way

Natural wedding photography Glasgow way has become incredibly popular. In particular, the style known as 'reportage' has really become sought after by a lot of young couples. Interestingly, reportage is hardly what could be considered new; but, nevertheless, it has benefited the most from the switch from film photography to digital photography. The photographer will act in an unobtrusive manner. Instead of barking orders at your guests or spending all their time searching for elusive family members, they'll hang around the fringes of your wedding and reception. From here, they can spot shots in a way that is similar to the style of many documentary film-makers – always looking for that perfect picture. This also allows for incredibly natural and revealing moments to be captured without you even being aware of the photographer’s presence. This has the added benefit of allowing the couple to relax and not have to worry about a massive, headache-inducing shot list. This freedom allows the couple to enjoy their day more. You're also likely to find very interesting and unusual photos within this style, as well as usage of 'noir' filters and interesting lighting. This allows for there to be a 'wow' factor when you receive your wedding images back. You may see things that you never even noticed on the big day itself. This is what makes the reportage style so popular when it comes to wedding photography Glasgow way. And you needn't look too far to find budget wedding photography Glasgow way that caters to reportage – you just need 1803Photography.

1803Photography Are The Wedding Photography Glasgow Experts

At 1803Photography, we embrace the reportage style and feel it truly captures the feeling, the emotions and the beauty of a wedding. However, we appreciate that many still want to see classic posed portrait images from their wedding photography Glasgow, so we are able to offer both styles on the same day with the use of a second wedding photographer Scotland based. That means we can capture a whole range of traditional and natural shots on the big day. We are in demand and only take on 30 to 40 weddings a year, so don't delay in visiting to see our terrific portfolio. Alternatively, if you'd like to talk to us directly right now, just email or call us via WhatsApp on 07771 278587.