Wedding Photography In Edinburgh - What To Do If It Rains

Wedding photography in Edinburgh is just one of the many components that go towards making up the perfect wedding. Although most of what happens on your wedding day is able to be controlled, the weather is not, and it can cause problems. What happens if it rains on your wedding day?

Sometimes, no matter what the time of year, the rains will come. Usually this can be predicted, and although it might be upsetting after all of that preparation, there are ways that you, your guests, and your wedding photographer Scotland can use the rain to your advantage. So your dress and smart suit might get wet. They might get muddy. But does it really matter? Clothes can be cleaned, and the memories of a fun time in the rain will stay forever. Your professional wedding photographer Edinburgh will have experienced their own fair share of rainy weddings, and will be able to work out the best time to go outside and have as many photos done in any break in the weather that might occur. If the rain doesn’t stop, then photos will need to be taken indoors instead – not a problem for a professional photographer. One of the important questions to ask during your interview with your photographer is what they do if it rains. It is important to have a backup plan. If you can be flexible with the times that the photos are taken, and be prepared to run outside giggling in the middle of the speeches, for example, to get the perfect shot, then the rain really needn’t be a problem at all.

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