Wedding Photography Cumbria - The Lure Of The Photobooth

Wedding photography Cumbria comes in many different guises. Traditional photography is still just as popular as ever. This is where a wedding photographer will come to you and organise photos of the wedding day. However, there are other trends that you may have seen at friends’ weddings.

The photobooth is one of these, and has become increasingly popular in recent years. Many modern weddings not only employ a Lake District wedding photographer, but they also hire a photobooth for extra images. Is it a good idea? If your budget allows for it, a photobooth is definitely a fun thing to do. Although it won’t work as an alternative to a wedding photographer Scotland, as something extra and entertaining for your guests to enjoy during the course of the reception, it can really be a great idea. There can be a lot of waiting around during a wedding – waiting for photographs to be taken, for the reception room to be cleared for the evening, for the brides and groom to appear after the ceremony… With a photobooth on site, guests can amuse themselves during these ‘down times’, and you won’t have to worry about the kids getting bored. Not only that, but the photographs produced can be uploaded to social media straight away, so that everyone can see what is happening. If you do decide to have a photobooth, why not create a hashtag for that those following on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram can easily find your images? Be aware, however, that a fun and quirky photobooth can never take the place of traditional, professional wedding photographers – and it can be pricey.

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