Wedding Photographers In The Lake District - What Are The Shots That Shouldn’t Be Missed?

Wedding photographers in the Lake District will want to have a discussion before the big day with the couple getting married in order to work out exactly what everyone wants as an end result. This is the chance for the couple to make a list of some perfect pictures that they definitely want to be included.

Some of the most tender and memorable photos come from when everyone is getting ready for the wedding itself. With so much anticipation and emotion in the air, it is always going to be an exciting time. Booking the Lake District wedding photographer to come earlier will ensure these precious memories of bride, groom and their families aren’t missed out. Another important shot is the one of the dress. Usually, the wedding dress will be hanging up, unworn, and the photographer will be able to get some gorgeous pictures of it. Often the entire outfit including shoes and veil is also included. A bride will spend many months picking out the little details for her wedding. These include things such as jewellery, matching place settings, wedding favours and so on. It would be a shame if the wedding photographer Scotland was unable to spot these before the action starts to capture close up photos of them. A professional photographer will know what to look for, however. Of course, no wedding album would be complete without an image of the rings too, and this can be before they have ever been worn, as they are being put on, or just afterwards. It could even be all of these things.

At 1803Photography, we can guarantee that your wedding photos will include all the small details that will make your day unique. We are wedding photographers in the Lake District who work with you to capture the most memorable aspects of your big day. View our website at and contact us on 07771 278587 or by emailing to find out more.