Wedding Photographers Glasgow Prices - What to Consider When Booking A Photographer

Wedding photographers Glasgow prices is a good start when looking for the perfect wedding photographer for your big day, but there is more to consider than price. Of course, a photographer that fits within your budget is important, but what else should you think about when booking someone to take your wedding snaps?

There are a number of questions that you should think about when booking your wedding photographer Scotland. If you ask each photographer you contact the same useful questions, you can then compare and contrast them accurately. One question to ask the wedding photographer Glasgow is what their ‘full day’ consists of. Is it simply the wedding ceremony and reception, or will they come to the bride’s house, and possibly even the groom’s, to capture the preparations as well? These shots really do help tell the story of what may well be the biggest day of your life, so you don’t want to have to pay extra for this service if you thought it was included. Another useful question is whether the photographer is familiar with the wedding venue. If they have been to a wedding there before, it will save them time setting up, and they will know the best places to have the photos taken. What kind of style does the photographer primarily shoot in? Is that the style you want? It is also useful to know how many photographs you can expect for the money you are paying. There could also be copyright issues to think about – by signing a contract are you allowing the photographer to use your image in their brochure and advertising?

At 1803Photography, our wedding photographers Glasgow prices are clear and transparent. We don’t add anything on that you haven’t asked for, and we always confirm costs to make sure you are happy. See our website at for more information. To chat to our team, please call on 07771 278587 or email