Wedding Photographers In Edinburgh - What To Look For In A Photographer’s Portfolio

Wedding photographers in Edinburgh may be numerous, but not all of them will be professional and experts at what they do. This is why it is essential not to just book the one that offers the best deal and is closest to you. You will need to look closely at their portfolios first.

wedding photographer Scotland should be able to provide you with a portfolio of their previous wedding photo shoots. If they cannot, then this could be a problem – how can you work out whether they are good at what they do without having seen what they have already achieved? But even those who have portfolios that they can show you need to be looked at in detail. Firstly, does the style of the wedding photographer Edinburgh match the vision you have of what your wedding photographs will look like? Can they do multiple styles, or do they specialise in just one? If that one style is not the one you are looking for, it is best to choose a different photographer. Of course, a wedding photographer’s portfolio will only showcase their very best work – so ask to see some full wedding albums, ideally in a setting similar to the one you are planning. If your wedding is to take place outside, this is what you need to see examples of, and so on. This gives you a chance to make a decision based on all the available evidence, and not just the photos that they picked out as being the best. If the photos are all of the same great quality, then you are looking at a good photographer.

Wedding photographers in Edinburgh need to have quality, experience and great prices. 1803Photography offers all of that and more. We pride ourselves on working hard to create your perfect memories. See our website at for further information; and please contact us on 07771 278587 or email for a quote.