Wedding Photographers Cumbria - Capturing The Proposal

Wedding photographers Cumbria and across the country are always happy to try new, interesting, and innovative things. They will have ideas just as the couple getting married will have ideas. And sometimes the bride won’t be involved – because the groom has a special idea of his own.

More and more often, a Lake District wedding photographer will be called upon to discuss arrangements for a completely unique and absolutely one off photo shoot. They will be asked by the groom-to-be to photograph the proposal. It’s a lovely idea and one that is gaining in popularity. It requires the boyfriend to find a wedding photographer Scotland or elsewhere who is available on the date that they have chosen to pop the question. They will need to discuss everything from location to timing, and ensure that the photographer is capable of working quickly in order not to miss anything. It is also important to look through the wedding photographer’s portfolio and make sure that the style they will capture the proposal in is going to work. This is a big responsibility for both groom and photographer – especially if they are keen to carry on the style throughout the engagement and wedding photo shoots. If this is the case, then some careful questioning of the bride by the groom to ascertain what she likes style-wise could be a useful thing to do! Having this special moment captured on camera by a wedding photographer is a great idea – it will be something that everyone will want to see.

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