Wedding Photographer Glasgow Prices - Why Have A Mid-Week Wedding?

Wedding photographer Glasgow prices can be extremely high, and this can be off-putting for those who are trying to organise their wedding on a budget. However, for a much lower price you can find photographers who will give you the same great service as the expensive ones. You just need to shop around.

There are a number of ways to save money when organising your wedding, and you can still have a beautiful, romantic day even if you don’t have an unending pot of money to use to fund it. One thing to consider is to hold a mid-week wedding. Most people choose to get married at the weekend, or on a Friday, so venues will often be more than willing to accommodate your mid-week wedding as it will offer them an extra revenue maker at a quieter time. You’ll find that such bookings are much cheaper than a weekend wedding would have been – perhaps by as much as half. And it’s not just the venue that will be cheaper; your chosen wedding photographer Scotland, the reception, and even car hire amongst other thing may well also cost less money. Another bonus in having a mid-week wedding is that there is more chance in being able to book the venue, the wedding photographer Glasgow, the specific car and so on that you really want. They are more likely to be free mid-week, even at the height of wedding season (June to September) and you won’t have to take your second choice or compromise on your dream wedding.

Wedding photographer Glasgow prices will always tend to cost much less when you plan a mid-week wedding. At 1803Photography, our service and packages are superb, and you can see what we do at For a bespoke quote or booking information, please contact us on 07771 278587 or email We are happy to help you on your big day.