Wedding Photographer Edinburgh - The Timeless Popularity Of The Portrait Photograph

Wedding photographer Edinburgh way is probably what you're looking for. The great thing about modern wedding photography is that there has never been a greater choice when it comes to selecting your wedding photographer Scotland wide. Different wedding photographers also cater for different styles – from natural reportage to artistic photography. Yet there's always one style of photography that the vast majority of couples still want: the classic portrait shots. Despite these shots sometimes being viewed as 'old-fashioned', they're still popular and considered the photographs that are most desired by couples, their families and their friends. Read on for more details of this style of wedding photography.

Why The Portrait Wedding Photographer Scotland Wide Still Plays A Key Role

Wedding photographer Scotland or UK wide will generally be happy to take traditional wedding portraits irrespective of their preferred style. These long popular photos of the happy couple have remained a mainstay of Edinburgh wedding photography. Why are they so historically important? Well, the portrait photograph was, by and large, the only real way to originally get a wedding photograph. Because of shutter speeds and limited technology, couples had to stay very still for long periods of time. There was no space for any of the reportage and natural styles that have come to be the preferred choice for couples today. Wedding photography, in general, owes a lot to Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, who were the first well-known couple to pose for a portrait photograph in 1840. From the late 19th century onwards to the outbreak of the Second World War, photographers began to become more and more prominent at weddings. However, the limitation of technology meant that couples generally had to go to the photographer's studio to get the actual wedding shots. This, again, meant that couples were posing for formal portrait shots in a studio setting. Because of this being such a prominent image over the years, it's no surprise that we've been so influenced by what was such a popular style of wedding photography in Edinburgh and across the rest of the UK. But, thankfully, technology now doesn't just limit wedding photography to portrait shots – it allows for all sorts of photographic styles to suit individual tastes.

The Most Popular Portrait Shots By Wedding Photographers In Edinburgh

Because of how routine the portrait shot has been for so many years, it's a basic style that all wedding photographers in Edinburgh and beyond have familiarity with. But, of course, portrait photos aren't always great. A lot really does depend on the photographer's knowledge and skill. Generally, portrait photos stand the test of time. While other photographic trends may come and go, the portrait is likely to remain the 'coffee table' photograph of your wedding that can be passed onto future generations of your family. A good professional wedding photographer Edinburgh and Lake District wedding photographer way will understand this. They won't just rely on you to know what you want; they'll also be aware of the classic portrait photographs that most couples dream of. Traditionally, there's a separate solo shot of each member of the couple and then, of course, of the newly-weds together. Then, you'll want to get photographs with your parents too. Subsequently, shots are taken with the bride/groom and groom/bride and their most valued guests. Often, it's also popular to have a photo of the bride with her maid-of-honour. Then it's time for the whole extended family, including your great-aunt, uncle, cousins, nieces and so on. And, finally, a 'generations' photo is extremely valued. This is a shot of the couple separately with their own children (if applicable), parents, grandparents and even great-grandparents. These all serve as great mementos for your children and grandchildren to treasure. And at 1803Photography, a respected wedding photographer Edinburgh and Scotland wide, we understand how important photographs are to all the newly-weds we work with.

1803Photography Is A Wedding Photographer Edinburgh Way That Won't Let You Down

At 1803Photography, a wedding photographer Edinburgh based, we are versed in both reportage and classic styles. We don't just ask you to take our word for it though – we offer a complimentary pre-wedding photo session to allow you to become comfortable with the traditional portrait poses. We're very flexible and will work extremely hard to tailor our photography to your expectations. We like to spend time on making your photographs special, which is exactly why we only take on about 30-40 weddings a year. No industrial-level photography operations here; just care and attention to detail. So if you need a wedding photographer Scotland wide, please visit to see our portfolio, email or call us via WhatsApp on 07771 278587.