Wedding Photographer Cumbria - Should You Schedule A Bridal Portrait?

Wedding photographer Cumbria will often be able to suggest ideas to you that you have not already thought of. This is especially true if they have plenty of experience and understand what does or does not work in terms of wedding photography. They may suggest a bridal portrait, for instance – is that a good idea?

Of course, every bride will want her photographs taken in her dress, and of course every wedding photographer Scotland will do that on the wedding day. But some brides want more than simply photos on the day in their dress – they want an entire photo shoot dedicated to it. This is where the bridal portrait shoot will come in. The wedding dress itself is often one of the most expensive and exciting parts of the celebration, which is why more and more Lake District wedding photographer companies are being asked to book a completely separate day to take photos of the bride wearing it. This additional day will, of course, add to the overall budget, but it will also mean that the perfect picture is taken to add to the wedding album. On the day of the wedding itself, things happen quickly. There may not be time to set aside an hour or more to capture the perfect dress shot, especially if the couple want the photographer to take photos of other preparations. Concentrating on the dress on the day itself could run the risk of missing out on other things. By organising a bridal portrait session, the bride and the photographer can have a ‘trial run’ – plus the bride will wear her dress for an extra day, which is always welcome!

A wedding photographer Cumbria will have many ideas on how to make your wedding day special and memorable, and 1803Photography can talk you through your options. See our useful website at for examples, and then please contact us on 07771 278587 or for prices and an informal discussion.