Professional Wedding Photographer Edinburgh - What Are The Differences Between An Amateur And A Professional Photographer?

Professional wedding photographer Edinburgh is a different thing to an amateur photographer in the same city. Both will be available to cover your wedding (date depending), but what are the differences between them? Does it matter which you choose for your big day, and what will the results be like?

One way to tell the difference between a professional wedding photographer Scotland and an amateur is their credentials. A professional photographer will more than likely have qualifications from colleges or courses that you will be able to see if you ask for them. Or they may have started as an apprentice to another photographer, and you will be able to speak to their previous employer about their work, should you need to. An amateur wedding photographer Edinburgh won’t have these references or qualifications. Another way to tell the difference is that professional photographers will have specialist equipment, and plenty of it, although it may not be the most expensive that they could have bought. An amateur, even an enthusiastic one, will probably spend their money on more expensive equipment, but have less of it. Is your wedding photographer a member of any photography organisations? If so, it is likely that they are professional photographers as these organisations can be expensive to join, and many will require that members make the majority of their income from photography. How is the photographeradvertising? A professional will spend money on getting their advertising right. An amateur will more likely only advertise in local, perhaps even free, publications.

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