We believe that the printed product is not an add on to the photography experience, but rather the culmination. Every single image that we take and retouch is designed with the printed artwork in mind. We offer a range of products and we ourselves have tried and tested every single product that we offer. We have also tried numerous others from other suppliers to ensure that we are offering the very best product.

Our products include

  • Folio Boxes. Designed to store 10 or 20 images in presentation matts, the handmade Italian folio box is a great way to store and protect your images. Coming in a variety of materials and colours this product looks great on a coffee table. A folio box also gives you the option to vary the images that you have displayed in frames around the house. As all the prints are uniform size, you will be able to rotate the artwork on display.
  • Canvas. Canvas is often the go to product for wall art. The canvases that we offer are hand stretched and much deeper than your average canvas. Designed in a way to sit flush against a wall these canvases will look always look modern
  • Aluminium. Printed directly onto aluminium, these aluminium panels are an ultra modern way to display your artwork. Being just a few milimeters thick, they are incredibly light weight so can be hung anywhere. Available in gloss or satin finish.
  • Framed Prints. We offer a variety of frames; a number of frame samples are available in our studio. The images are professionally framed and sealed to stop moisture and dust from damaging the images over time. You can choose to have the artwork mounted prior to framing for that extra dimension.
  • Mounted Printed. A simple print in a sturdy white core mount (in either black or white). The board has a neutral ph non-acidic white core, which will stay white for the life time of the board. The mount ensures your image stays protected and will keep it away from the glass of the frame (if you choose to frame it) ensuring maximum quality.

If you are unsure what sort of artwork you would like or what sizes you would need we will happily travel to your house and help you decide.