Glasgow Wedding Photography - Why Have A Wedding At Home?

Glasgow wedding photography can offer a variety of different packages to suit all budgets. Photographers will go to whichever venue or venues you choose for your ceremony and reception, but some will be more familiar than others. What about a wedding in your own back garden?

For some brides, a wedding at their own home – or perhaps their childhood home, where their parents still live – is a unique and nostalgic idea, and one that they very much want to carry out. A wedding is often seen as the culmination of parenting, a ‘handing over’ of the bride from the parents to the new husband (hence ‘giving away’), so a wedding at home is a great way to tie into this tradition. Any wedding photographer Scotland based will be able to work out the best places to have some wonderful photos in any location, and that includes at home. Apart from the sentimentality of the venue, there are other good reasons for a ‘backyard wedding’. One of these is that your wedding can be much more relaxed – you are already at home, so you can really enjoy it in completely familiar surroundings. The photos that your wedding photography Glasgowpackage will provide will have even more meaning as in years to come, you will be able to stand in the same place as the photo was taken whenever you want to. This is a great idea for future photos, such as on an anniversary. Finally, a wedding at home is likely to be much more cost effective, leaving you with a beautiful day that didn’t cost the earth.

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