Edinburgh Wedding Photography - Who Can Wear A Kilt At A Scottish Wedding?

Edinburgh wedding photography can capture the wonderful memories of your wedding day, and enable you to look back afterwards and relive the magic. A Scottish wedding is something quite different to an English or Welsh one – the kilt is a particularly Scottish piece of clothing. But who is allowed to wear it?

When it comes to the kilt, there are no particular rules on who is or isn’t allowed to wear one, and your wedding photographer Scotland will have had plenty of experience in organising bridal parties with or without kilts. If the groom is keen to wear a kilt, however, then it is traditional that the groomsmen (best man, ushers and page boys) should also wear a kilt. This is true even if they aren’t Scottish. Not everyone will be comfortable wearing a kilt, and this should be taken into consideration. Even though it is your wedding, you don’t want anyone to be nervous about the clothes you are asking them to wear as tis could affect the tone of the day and the photos themselves. Since your wedding photographer Edinburgh will have attended many weddings, why not ask them to show you some examples of ‘kilted weddings’? It could put your nervous groom and groomsmen at ease when they see how smart they will look. A Scottish wedding does not automatically mean that the groom and his party will need to or want to wear a kilt, but it is a fun opportunity to do so if they would not otherwise have the chance to.

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