Edinburgh Photographers Wedding - What Happens After The Photos Are Taken?

Edinburgh photographers wedding packages range from small, half day offers to larger full day jobs. But no matter which photographer you choose, or what you ask of them on the big day itself, the photographer’s job doesn’t finish when they leave the venue. There is a lot more to do yet.

Getting your photographs from the wedding photographer Scotland that you chose for your wedding may take a little while, perhaps as much as a month. This is because the job of a photographer is more than ‘just’ taking wonderful photos. It is also about making sure those photos look as good as they possibly can, and this means working on them digitally once they have been taken. In purely technical terms, the wedding photographer Edinburgh will be taking images that are many times larger than the standard photos you take at home or on holiday. This in itself can mean that it takes much longer to even upload the photographs to a computer to start with. Once the files are uploaded, the photographer will then need to look at the colours and correct anything that doesn’t look quite right. It is a difficult job to get it quite right. And it’s not just about colours. Problems such as ‘red eye’ or other blemishes that can be removed will be. This entire process can take many hours, and cannot be rushed or the end result will not be satisfactory. This is why it will take a number of weeks before your photos are completely ready.

Edinburgh photographers wedding packages are available to everyone, no matter what their budget or what they want on the day itself. Speak to 1803Photography (http://www.1803photography.co.uk/) about how we can help create magical memories of your wedding day. Contact us on 07771 278587 or email matt@1803photography.co.uk to find out more.