Cumbria Wedding Photography - Recreating Old Photos

Cumbria wedding photography can include many different options. It depends on your budget, and what your chosen photographer is able to carry out in the time allotted. If there is enough time – or if you choose to include a pre-wedding shoot in your package – many wonderful images can be created.

One popular idea that many people are attempting at their weddings is to recreate old photographs. Often, this may be photographs of the bride and groom’s parents at their own wedding day, which means there could be two different photographs to recreate. Your wedding photographer Scotland will need to see the photo in advance in order to work out how and where to make the picture perfect. For many people, a wedding is the chance to bring all generations of their families together, and to join the two families together as well. By recreating a picture that the bride or groom remembers well from growing up is a lovely way to keep the tradition going – and the newlywed couple’s own children may even want to do the same thing in the future. A Lake District wedding photographer may need to spend quite a lot of time getting the posing and the location just right for this most special of photographs, which is why it isn’t always possible to have it done on the wedding day itself. A pre-wedding photo shoot will allow for more time to be spent on capturing exactly the right pose and lighting effects that will be needed to recreate the image required.

Professional Cumbria wedding photography needs an experience wedding photographer. 1803Photography has experience and expertise; and we know how important your wedding photos are to you. Our website ( is full of useful information, and you can contact us on 07771 278587 or email if you have any questions.