Cheap Wedding Photographers Edinburgh - What Are The Pros And Cons Of Black And White Photography?

Cheap wedding photographers Edinburgh will be able to offer you a wide range of different styles and end results for your photos, particularly if they use digital photography. You may be thinking of having your wedding photos (or some of them) in black and white. What are the pros and cons of this style?

Black and white photography undertaken by a professional wedding photographer Scotland has a beautiful, timeless look which will mean that it will never look ‘out of date’ as some colour photographs can. Also, because it is different to what people expect, it is a very memorable way to make a lasting image that you will be proud to display in a frame for everyone to see. With black and white photography, the wedding photographer Edinburgh is able to concentrate completely on the image itself, rather than on the different colours that might or might not work well in the final picture. This means that the finer details can be picked out, reminding you of things that you might otherwise have forgotten or missed entirely in a colour photograph. Colour can be the dominant part of a photo, meaning that the smaller details are missed because the colour comes first. One of the downsides of black and white photography, however, is that it may not grab the attention as much as a colour photograph can. A bright splash of colour will draw the eye, whereas it might skip over a black and white photo, no matter how beautiful it is.

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