Asian Wedding Photography Glasgow - What Does A Photographer Need To Think About At An Asian Wedding?

Asian wedding photography Glasgow: booking a photographer specifically for an Asian wedding may not be something that many couples would think about. After all, surely one wedding is the same as the next in terms of photographs, whether it is Asian or European. But actually, there are some subtle differences that need to be taken into account.

Wedding photography Glasgow for Asian weddings will be focused on colour. Asian weddings are traditionally extremely colourful, with beautiful clothing and decorations everywhere. Therefore, black and white photography may not capture the day in all its essence, so a wedding photographer Scotland based may choose to photograph solely in colour. In fact, in China a red wedding dress is more traditional than a white one – this would look grey using black and white photography, but looks wonderful in high definition colour photographs. Something else to bear in mind is that an Asian wedding ceremony can last for a number of days – do you want the photographer there for all that time (which could be expensive) or just for the first day? This will need to be discussed and organised before the wedding date, to save any confusion. Other traditions during an Asian wedding are Henna tattoos on the hands and feet. If you want your photographer to specifically capture these beautiful pieces of art, you should ask them in advance as it can be very busy on the day itself, and there may not be time to speak to them about additional photographs. A great photographer, however, will spot these things and capture them anyway.

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