About Us

"I want to take your photo. I want to take your family's photos. I want to give you the best photographic artwork that you have ever owned." Matt Ward - Principal Photographer at Brownhill Portraits

Brownhill Portraits specialise in Contemporary Portrait photography - whether that be studio based, lifestyle in your home or out on location. Our aim for every single photography session is to create heirloom photography artwork.

Using a mixture of the great outdoors and our professional studios, we will create wonderful portraits for you to treasure forever. In the studio we have a selection of backdrops for you to choose; whether that be muslin for the fine art, painterly look, paper for a modern approach or our beautfiully coloured walls. Outside we know lots of great locations in the vicinity for you to have your portraits captured; that could be the forest, the rivers and lochs or even a castle. We are also more than happy for you to choose a location that holds special meaning to you and your family. 

We will select the best photos from the session, carefully and tastefully edit and retouch them and then show them to you using a video slidehsow at our studio at your viewing and ordering session, usually 7-10 days after your session. A price list will be provided to you at your pre session consultation with details of the artwork that we typically provide. If you are looking for a non-typical size or print medium we will be happy to provide you with a price - please ask.

All of our artwork is either printed by ourselves or by a multi award winning professional print lab right here in Scotland. Every piece of artwork that you order is carefully tailored to your request and we make sure that the technical specification is accurate and optimised for every image. Images are also processed on a calibrated monitor ensuring accurate colouring and are also colour checked at the printing lab. 

Until the 31st March 2018 there is currently no session fee, and you will receive £50 print credit towards printed artwork. So with no session fee, what have you got to lose? 

Please contact us for more information and we will book you in for a consultation to discuss your requirements.


Why Choose Us

2 Great Studios

Fully Insured

A great, personalised experience

You only buy the photos you love

Archival prints - your prints will last for 100 years or more without fading or degradation*

Expert advice about the products that we offer; We only sell the very highest quality products

We only use the highest quality, professional grade equipment

Expert in photographic techniques and Photoshop. Have your portraits retouched the way you want

*when kept behind glass or in a folio box, away from direct sunlight and moisture.

Working Together

Our journey starts with your consultation - this is usually done in person but if necessary it can be done over the phone or email. Your consultation will cover things such as date, location, styling, products and prices. After your consultation comes your photoshoot. Usually allow 1-2 hours for this, however if you are having a hair and make up artist then please allow 3-4 hours. Living in Scotland we cannot guarantee the weather, so if you opt for a location shoot and the weather is not suitable then we are more than happy to reschedule to suit you. Once we have done your photoshoot we will carefully retouch your images and prepare them for your viewing and ordering session. We would expect the ordering session to take place within 10 days of your photoshoot. At the ordering sesion we will talk you through the products available and help you decide on the right products for you and your home. When you have completed your order, the items will usually be delivered to my studio within 10 working days, although for some specialist wall art this may be slightly longer. We invite you to our studio in Dumfries and Galloway to create your legacy and heirloom artwork. Please contact us to book in for your consultation.

Please note that due to high demand for our portrait photography, we are no longer offering wedding photography services.